About DYPB

Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) is a Professional Body created under the guidance from our Divine Yahuah. Divine Yahuah Professional Body seek professionalism in one’s Divine’s spiritual career as part of them fulfilling their Divine soul purpose and life mission.

Individual Purification Process

Individual purification process is initiated by Yahuah. Once you get purified you are helped by Yahuah and His Helpers who are your Angels. You get a second chance in life to start again as well as:

+ You will not do this all alone as Yahuah....

Divine Soul Purpose And Life Mission

Individuals Divine soul purpose and life mission comes with one’s unique establish Divine spiritual career as well as:

+ You spiritually evolve while helping others, our communities, societies and our world

Divine Help From Yahuah

Besides Divine help mentioned under individual purification process, Yahuah will remove the vail that use to block you and your Angels so you are able to communicate with your Angels. At all times Yahuah and His Angelic gates are open to you.

Our Values

Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) values are Spirituality, Love,  Light, Peace, Discipline, Principled, Responsibility, Accountability, Happiness, Learning, Professionalism and Respect.

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Becoming A Member

Please complete the online registration form or get in touch by emailing support@yahuah.co.uk if you are interested in becoming a Member of Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) and I will send you a membership registration form. Complete this form and email it back, wait for a response before making payment towards your Membership.

Terms And Conditions For Divine Yahuah Professional Body are applicable when registering to become a member you will need to accept these when completing the membership registration form.
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Spirituality & Purification

Spirituality is Divine Yahuah and His great Might works done in our lives in spirit. Our world is currently being purified and this has been initiated by our Divine Yahuah. You can find out more about this on MysticalDat Blog, this is an accompanying website and service part of Divine Yahuah Professional Body.

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